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Yabei electric vehicles launch conference

On April 28, the new energy automobile forum and Baoya company Yabei electric vehicles launch conference was held ceremoniously in Shandong province Dezhou city sun valley international conference center. Its scheme was technological innovation, environmental protection, low carbon, quality first, and market guidance. This conference was organized by Dezhou Government and Shandong province automotive industry association, which was undertaken by the administrative committee of Dezhou economic and technical development zone, as well as Baoya new energy car firm. The relevant leaders of provincial or municipal party committee, the professional experts, as well as over 1000 Baoya distributors or suppliers attended this conference.

Then, Yabei electric vehicles launch conference was held ceremoniously. Mu Hongwei, the chairman of Baoya Group Company, delivered a welcome speech. He pointed out that Baoya Company was a specialized electric car manufacturing enterprise, which was guided by the national new energy industry strategic planning. Our company established three business units, including international business division, passenger car business division, and the tool car business division. The passenger car business division, also called Dezhou Baoya Company, was the most strategic step in the domestic passenger car market, which was also the footstone for Baoya Company to realize the leapfrog development. This modern factory was designed and built in full accordance with the concept of electric vehicles. It only took 1 year to finish the whole construction. Due to its fast speed and high efficiency, it could be a miracle in this industry.

Our Yabei new car launch pushed this activity to a new high. We learnt that Yabei was our newly developed 100% electric short distance passenger car, which owned the proprietary intellectual property rights and absorbed numerous mature technology and experience from the foreign market. Due to its fashionable appearance, easy control and superior performance, our product was highly praised by the experts and the distributors from home and abroad. In this conference, the establishment of Baoya electric technology research institute was formally announced. We knew that in the future three year, Baoya would set up the lithium electricity technology research institute and the new energy car power battery research and development platform. Based on Dezhou Baoya, two industrial parks would be founded to improve the new energy vehicle research and development as well as the production distribution. In 2015, the annual output of our Baoya product would reach over 300,000.

In this conference, Chen Qingquan, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering as well as the founding president of World Electric Vehicle Association, made a wonderful report about the main force of the electric automobile revolution.

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