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A grand electric car line-off ceremony was held

A grand Baoya new energy electric car line-off ceremony was held in Dezhou Economic Development Zone on the morning of October 30, 2011. The attendees include Wu Cuiyun, the Dezhou Party Secretary and the Director of Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, and Chen Xianyun, the Deputy Party Secretary and the mayor, and Shi Haoquan, the chairman of Dezhou People's Political Consultative Committee, and Yuan Xiuhe, the Deputy Party Secretary, as well as Mu Hongwei, the president of Baoya Company, and other relevant leaders.

Firstly, Baoya Company president Mu Hongwei delivered a speech. He said that it only took over 100 days to finish the construction of Dezhou Baoya Basement. Such fast speed and high efficiency was out of our imagination, which could be called Dezhou Efficiency or Dezhou Speed. He believed that in the near future, it would become a beautiful story and legend. Actually, this Dezhou Efficiency was a microcosm of great foresight and high efficiency of Dezhou municipal party committee and municipal government. We never forgot the great support from Dezhou leaders at the most critical moment of our enterprise development.

In addition, we would build stamping factory, welding plant and spraying plant. In March next year, we would hold a large scale of distributors and suppliers conference in Dezhou. By the end of next year, we would strive to build up the Baoya Electric Automobile Industrial Park. Then, the relevant leaders visited Dezhou Baoya Assembly Plant, and highly praised our tool cart.

Finally, Dezhou Baoya new energy electric car line-off ceremony ended in the test drive of the leaders. After four processing factories went into operation, Dezhou Baoya would become the world class electric car research and development platform, the largest domestic electric car manufacturing base, as well as the first modern factory in full accordance with the design concept of electric car in China. It was estimated that by 2015, the annual production of our car would reach over 300,000, and the production value would exceed 1.58 billion dollars.

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